October 15th

October 15th, “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day,” causes me mixed emotions.  You see, every day is October 15th at my house.

Every day starts when I say “Good morning” to Izzy, and every night ends when I tell her “I love you.”  As we all are acutely aware, being a loss parent isn’t confined to a single day of the year.  A loss parent lives with this pain daily.  That’s why Sad Dads Club started, and it is the foundation on which this engaged and supportive community continues to grow.

The overwhelming number of “themed” days contribute to my feelings.  Here are a few of my “favorites”:

1. January 22: “Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day”;

2. February 4: “Work Naked Day”;

3. March 24: “Chocolate Covered Raisin Day”;

4. May 6: “No Pants Day” (people prefer nudity on Fridays); and

5. July 10: “Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day”.

You get the idea.  If you want to see other absurd days, just click on this link.

October 15th, a day that holds so much importance within our community, shares itself with “I Love Lucy Day” and “Sweetest Day.” I apologize to lovers of classic television and people who like to shower their significant others with candy,  but it lessens the impact of the day to me.

I love you, Izzy, and October 15th will serve as another opportunity to honor you.  I am grateful for that.  However, in a world filled with themed days, I just wish October 15th stood alone.

Take care of yourselves.


One thought on “October 15th”

  1. Reading this post was very validating. It frustrates me how this particular day feels like it gets lost in the shuffle of so many other themed days. Thinking of everyone tomorrow (and like you said, every day).


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